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Debt Help Blogs That Will Help You in 2019

The New Year has arrived and as the focus shifts from the holidays to the normalcy of day-to-day life, we’ve put together our list of favourite debt help blogs and resources we’ve come across to help you in 2019.

Whether you’re looking to start working from a monthly budget or you’re interested in knowing what professional debt relief options are available to help reduce debt, you’ll find it below.

Let’s get started with some common questions:

I’ve never worked from a budget before, where do I begin?

You’ve made a great decision in choosing to build a monthly budget. This is one of the most important tools to help you reduce debt and save more effectively. Building a budget will require some time investment in the early stages, but the benefits it provides can last a lifetime.

Here are some great blogs to get you started with your monthly budget:

I’m concerned about my debt, but not sure how to break old habits. Any advice?

Changing your attitude about finances and personal debt is challenging because humans tend to be creatures of habit. Take a read through some of these blogs to see what steps you can take to be more proactive in your effort to realign your money attitude.

I want to pay down personal debt, but how do I get my family on board?

Another great question because without the entire family focused on improving the finances, you might be working against each other. There are ways you can get your significant other on the same page and even get children involved without stressing them out. Give these a read if you want more ideas:

Where can I find out more about professional solutions for getting relief from my debt?

Before you commit to a debt solution or a debt relief professional, it’s important to do some initial research. Here are a few posts to help you better understand what professional debt relief is all about:

To learn more about professional debt solutions, we also encourage you to spend some time on these two websites. They offer a ton of resources, tools and advice to help Canadians who need to deal with their debt.


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